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On Going Events

Information of upcoming musical events

2011 Events

25th February 2011
Njamy Sitson Group in Parktheater Kurhaus Göggingen-Augsburg
Njamy Sitson: Lead voc, Ngoni, Kalimba,perc, comp
Yenisey Rodriguez: Violoncello
Henrique de Miranda: Guitarre
Alexandrina Simeon, Bobet Nlombi: Backing vocals
Marco Lobo: Percussion ( Milton  Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethânia)
Wolfgang Lackerschmid: Marimba ( Chet baker, Larry Corryel)
Walter lang: Piano  ( Lee Konitz, Roy Hargrove)
Stefan Poetzsch: Violin ( Lukas Ligeti, Markus Stockhausen)

2010 Events


06.02 Choir Workshop in Laupheim
20-21.02 african Singing in Neuchatel- Schweiz
22.02 Concert with "Daktarimba"( Wolfgang Lackerscmid, Walter Lang, Njamy sitson)
27.02 Vocalpolyphony & african Singing workshop in Ravensburg

04-10.03 vocalpolyphony and african singing Workshop in Holland
28.03 Storytelling in Mummpitz Teather Nürnberg 15.Uhr


09.04 Konzert at Parktheater Gögingen- Augsburg 20 Uhr.
Featuring: " Njamy Sitson Group" with Rhaniy krija, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, WalterLang, Stefan Poetzsch..

18.04 African Singing Workshop in Sankt Paulus Kirche Ulm  16-19 Uhr
contact: Gerda Rieder tél: 0731-265912  Mobile: 0170474524  E.mai: gerdarieder@yahoo.de

24.04 -African singing& Vocalpolyphony workshop in Hospitalhof Stuttgart
Solo Konzert , Guest Christoph Haas

08.05 Solo Konzert in Neusäss Stadion
22-24.05 African singing in afro Pfingsten Festival Winterthur

29 Mai-05.juni   "Drum spirit-Song spirit"  Intensiv Seminar with Christoph Haas
in  Il Convento,  Casola in Lunigiana in Toscana, Italy
contact: Christoph haas  tél: 0711871664 fax 07118701841
email contact: mail@christoph-haas.eu       www.christoph-haas.eu

19.06   Solo Konzert in Beerefelden

18-24 Sommer University Plouha in Bretagne- France ( african singing& vocalpolyphony)

Kulu Song Tracks


African Cello Suite


Meeting of the Spirit


African Romance

Lamento Pygmaeus


Cantare Del Filhos

Fon Fon

African Angel Song Tracks

Luisa Amore Mio

Nelson Mandela

Yende Tatalo

Chabeun Nsi